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Dr. Laura Peterson

Chiropractic Helps Colic!

My son, Evan, had colic as a newborn baby. It began between 2-3 weeks of age and slowly got worse. He would cry for hours at night and nothing could soothe him. He would grimace with pain, and it was heart breaking to see him suffer. My husband and I were exhausted and our life was turned upside down.

We tried infant gas relief drops and saw no real changes. Then we tried herbal colic tablets to help soothe and calm him. These seemed to work but required multiple pills and he didn't like them.

I began chiropractic care for Evan and 6 weeks of age. I am a regular patient of Dr. Laura's and when I told her about Evan, she explained the benefits of chiropractic care on infants with colic. I was happy to have another opinion.

After Evan's first visit, he was immediately calmer and relaxed. He was able to easily pass gas and have bowel movements without fussing and crying with pain. Though he still cried at night, it slowly lessened. We saw Dr. Laura weekly and after every visit, Evan would sleep better and fuss less. The one week we missed our appointment, Evan clearly was worse and we seemed to have slipped back in progress. By 9 weeks old, Evan was behaving like a healthy, happy baby almost 100% of the time. Most babies with colic don't recover until 3 months of age but Evan recovered in 2 months. I attribute his quick recovery to Dr. Laura's chiropractic care and believe in the benefits of chiropractic work!

Amee A.

A New Woman!

I had severe back pain that kept me out of work for a week. I went to my doctor, but had no positive results. He gave me Vicodin and told me to rest.

In August, 2007, I found Dr. Peterson's number in the phone book. It was one of the best days of my life! My back pain has virtually disappeared, except for the muscle pain from working out. Also, I don't have the heartburn that I used to have.

I love coming here! I walk out a new woman every time!

Pam B.

Getting Around Without Knee Pain!

I had knee pain for two years. It was a sharp, stabbing pain that would wake me out of my sleep. The pain was so bad that it limited my ability to get around. I could only take short trips whether it be walking or sitting in the car. In order to go downstairs at home, I had to walk down backwards one step at a time.

I told my medical doctor about my knee pain but was ignored. He took an x-ray, but said there was nothing wrong and offered no treatment, except to take Aleve for pain relief.

I decided to come see Dr. Laura in May, 2008. My daughter, Marsha, and son-in-law, Tim, were already patients here and were very satisfied with their care. They had brought home one of Dr. Laura's newsletters, and after reading through it, I decided to come in for an appointment.

After being under chiropractic care with Dr. Laura, my knee is now pain free. I can concentrate on other things in my life and don't have to be bothered by the pain. Now I can do things without thinking. I take for granted everyday activities that were so difficult before, such as climbing and descending stairs and getting out of a chair. I can now take walks and be in the car for an hour.

I enjoy coming to Dr. Laura's office. They go beyond with their care. I also like the children, Sienna and Cassidy, Atlas the dog, and Penny. It's like being with family!

Ida C.

Spared From Surgery With Chiropractic!

Dear Dr. Peterson:

This is a first. Never before have I been so motivated to say thank you to a healthcare professional. That's not to imply that I have received less than good medical care. On the contrary, I have, in my 61 years, been blessed with excellent healthcare for most of my life. But this is different. Let me tell you why.

When I first came to see you in early March, I was literally unable to raise my arm over my head. I wasn't even able to put my handkerchief in my back pocket. I was in such constant pain that it prevented me from sleeping. I couldn't perform the simplest of tasks and, since I earn my living using a computer, I was unable to perform anywhere near my capacity. And I certainly was not able to participate in one of my favorite leisure time activities… golf. I was not only hurting, but having been told by my family doctor that surgery might be the only answer, I had also become very disillusioned.

While not an overnight phenomenon, my recovery has been steady and sure. I'm still a bit of a work in progress but the improvement has been remarkable. First, the constant pain is now GONE! I can now do jumping jacks, easily slapping my hands together over my head. I can do push-ups again, which I had to stop altogether. I work without any discomfort and I have recently resumed playing golf. I just wish you could lower my score.

Dr. Peterson, I truly appreciate what you have done for me and how you have restored my health. We have more work to do, but I have total confidence in your abilities and I know you're up to the challenge.

Thank You!


Bob C.

Skeptic Becomes Chiropractic Believer!

After months of walking past Dr. Laura's office and telling myself I really should make an appointment, I finally called. That was at the end of February, 2003. I wasn't really sure that a chiropractor could help me.

As a teenager, I went down a flight of about 15 stairs the wrong way, bouncing off of each step. As a result, the coccyx (tail) bone broke. It didn't really give me much trouble until I was in my mid-thirties. It took me twice as long as most people to climb stairs or walk the hills in Carmel or San Francisco. Then the next day I would be barely able to walk. There were many days in the past years when I would us a cane.

I came to Dr. Laura for my back problems but have been blessed with unexpected results in other ways. On June 1, 2003, I attended my granddaughter's third birthday party. In order to get to the pool and deck where the party was being held, it is necessary to climb about ten stairs. I had my doubts about those stairs, but knew if the back got really bad, I could always see Dr. Laura the next day for an adjustment. Much to my surprise I had very little trouble climbing up and down those stairs. Still not convinced I was doing better, I dreaded Monday morning. I passed Monday with flying colors - no back pain. What a joy to wake up and be able to walk with no problem.

Also, about twenty years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and have been on insulin for ten years. Gradually through the years I developed neuropathy, loss of feeling, in both feet, mostly in the right foot.

I have had neuropathy for so many years that I just don't pay much attention to my feet and how they feel. About five years ago, I dropped a steak knife on my right foot. I picked up the knife and put it in the sink and promptly forgot about it. About fifteen minutes later, I looked at my foot and was totally surprised to find it caked with blood and a trail of blood coming from the kitchen where I had dropped the knife.

The second week of June, 2003, one night we had frozen peas and apparently one fell from a plate and landed on our small rug. The next morning when I went to get a cup of coffee, I stepped on something hard. I asked my husband what it was I just stepped on. He gave me a strange look and said "you felt that?" I felt a tiny dried up old pea, a little pea! Five years ago I couldn't feel a steak knife. All feeling has not returned to my feet, but it is a start.

To think that once I had doubts whether a chiropractor could help me, never again.

Darlene E.

A New Understanding

I thought I was fine. I just thought my aches and pains were related to stress and slowing down with age. I had not been to a chiropractor before, but I had gotten a recommendation for Dr. Laura.

I started in June, 2009. It is about a year later, and I feel 100% better. Now I understand that there is something physically wrong, and it is not just in my mind. The understanding that I have now will affect my life later. I have learned that what I do affects how I feel. I have been very healthy and athletic all my life and have always just toughed through the pain. As I get older, I realize that things don't heal as fast or the right way as when I was younger. I am not physically perfect, but now I understand that Dr. Laura and I can fix the physical problems that affect my whole body, such as headaches, shoulders, wrists, hands, digestive system, etc. My wellness will improve with time.

Also, I love Penny and Jim. They are great people. I love the monthly newsletters. Who knew your brain and skull weighs 12 pounds? The newsletters help me understand my body. I save them to refresh my knowledge later.

I do believe how I take care of my body is my responsibility and what I do now preventatively will affect my quality of life later.

Carol F.

No More Ear Infections!

My daughter, Alyssa, had three ear infections in a row - one each month. Previously, we had seen our family practitioner and had tried antibiotics, but the ear infections kept on coming back. Once we started with Dr. Laura in September, Alyssa's ear infections stopped.

Our results with Dr. Laura have been excellent. I love the fact that we haven't had any further ear infections and haven't needed any further medication.

Another thing I appreciate about the office is the friendly staff. Also, Dr. Laura always has good recommendations for natural remedies for various conditions.

Angela S.

Hope After My Stroke!

After my stroke, I found myself with many health challenges. I had very limited use of my right hand and was unable to print, write cursive, sketch, draw, or do crafts. I was excessively tired all the time and felt weak. I was unbalanced when standing or walking. Also, I had frequent headaches and shortness of breath. All these limitations made me depressed, so I stayed in my room more and didn't socialize with others much.

I tried Neurontin, a nerve pain medication, but it didn't seem to help, so I talked to my neurologist about chiropractic. Previously I had been to chiropractors for many years, and knew it would help. He said it won't hurt, and it might help. I found Dr. Peterson in the Yellow Pages and saw she was a graduate of Palmer College, which was close to my home town when I lived in Iowa. I decided to give her a call.

After starting chiropractic care with Dr. Peterson, I saw improvement within a few days. My shortness of breath went away along with my headaches. Gradually as my strength returned, I got relief from my depression. I regained use of my hand, so I could write, sketch, and draw again. I was also able to attend craft sessions and become more social again. I told my M.D. how much better I was, and he could definitely see my improvement.

Also about a year after seeing Dr. Peterson, I fell and injured my right hip. I had a hairline fracture. It was extremely painful and difficult to move. After Dr. Peterson adjusted it, I felt better immediately and could get around with a lot less pain.

In addition, I enjoy the home-like atmosphere of the office. It's a warm, friendly, and loving place. I love seeing the babies, Sienna and Cassidy, and the dog, Atlas, here. I appreciate the encouragement from Dr. Peterson and her staff.

Faye T.

From Pain To Gain And Beyond!

Originally I came to Dr. Peterson for help with my hip and sciatic pain. When my sciatic pain would flare-up, it would go all the way into my heel. I had difficulty lifting up my left leg to get up into my truck or going up and down ladders for work. Also, I had severe shoulder pain that continued to get worse. I was having difficulty at work doing any overhead projects, moving ladders, picking up equipment, and using my left hand.

Dr. Peterson starting adjusting my back and I started to notice changes right away. The pain down my leg got better along with my hip pain. Also, she started working on my shoulder with this special technique for sports injuries. Dr. Peterson worked on breaking up old scar tissue in the shoulder. Not only did the pain in my shoulder go away, but I started to get back the strength and the range of motion as well. It's amazing how great my shoulder feels now and how easy it is to perform some of the tasks like working overhead or picking up equipment that were so hard before.

One thing I didn't know chiropractic could help me with was my foot. When I was 13 years old, I broke my foot and tore some ligaments, tendons, and muscles as well. Since then I would repeatedly twist and sprain my ankle. It would bother me standing for long periods of time, working on ladders, or any sports or vigorous activities. After having Dr. Peterson work on my foot and ankle, I now have full range of motion and full use of them. I can stand for long periods of time and participate in sports, like basketball, and not even think about my ankle.

I've also noticed an increase in my energy level. I started biking again. When I started I could only bike three miles and now I'm up to over 50 miles. I'm training for my first century ride in October. I feel stronger than ever. With regular adjustments, I keep myself healthy and am able to do the thing I want to do. Thanks, Dr. Peterson!

Steve N.

No More Foot Pain!

I had injured the top of my left foot by dropping a heavy metal showerhead on it. Since the swelling went down in a few days and it seemed to be back to normal, I did not immediately seek medical attention. After several months, I noticed that my left foot hurt when I wore certain shoes. This progressively got worse until I could only wear 1 pair of shoes that did not put pressure on the top of my foot. Then, the 3rd and 4th toe of that foot starting tingling and going numb, which really concerned me that I had nerve damage. As you can imagine, this really limited my physical activity-I didn't want to take walks anymore, and I thought I'm too young for this!

I was taking Aleve all the time, it did not help with the tingling or numbness. I went to a regular doctor and tried ultrasound on that foot; this did not result in any improvement.

My husband was getting chiropractic care for chronic pain involving an elbow, and he suggested that I see if Dr. Laura Peterson could help my foot because he was tired of listening to my complaints!

Within the first month of treatment, I was back to walking. Within 3 months, I was only experiencing occasional tingling in my toes. Within 6 months, the tingling and numbness was completely gone. I can wear any shoes I want to wear, which means a lot to me because I love shoes!

I love Dr. Laura Peterson's approach. She's a doctor who listens and has compassion for her patients. She has great technique, and I have confidence that she is going to do the right thing to help me. Her staff is always kind, courteous, and ready to help you.

Marsha R.

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